Friday, January 6, 2012

The Manmade Wedding: Hot Buttered Rum

Every guy out there knows the wedding is for his bride. And for that reason, most wedding sites and blogs you'll stumble upon are for the most part, appropriately geared towards her. Here at The Handmade Wedding, we want toss in a bit of the Y chromosome from time to time, hence The Manmade Wedding column written by the other half of the HMW blog team, Joe Proudman.

Today we're bringing you a drink recipe for Hot Buttered Rum. Unless you're living in Southern California where they just played the Rose Bowl in sunny 80 degree weather, you're just as cold as we are. Hot buttered rum is the perfect drink for those type of nights where no matter how many layers you have on, you're still cold. At any bachelor parties up at a cabin, or camping way up high in the mountains, this would be the best companion you could ask for. Or as you catch the game on a chilly night, while planning your wedding.

So lets get started. You'll need:

Unsalted butter

Brown sugar

Dark rum

The last think you'll need is some boiling water and you're good to go.

The first thing you want to do is put enough brown sugar to cover the bottom of your mug. It goes without saying, the more you put, the sweeter it'll be. It usually amounts to a tablespoon of sugar if I'm making a cup of HBR.

Next you want to pour a bit of water in to melt the sugar.

Toss in the butter next. My general rule of thumb is the same amount of butter as sugar. So about a tablespoon for each cup. As you can see in the photo below, the butter is still melting, but you can already see a light layer of foam forming and a light bronze color in the drink.

Next all you have to do is add about a shot of dark rum, or more depending on how warm you want to be, and you'll be done. It's important to use dark rum. From my experience every time I've asked the a cashier for dark rum they've had a blank look on their face. So just take a look at the label, it'll say dark or black rum. But this is what you'll get:

There are a billion ways to make this drink. A lot of people will add nutmeg, cinnamon, ice cream and whatever else. If you have any recipes for hot buttered rum, or any other warm drink, give a quick run down in the comments.

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