Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Card, Just Because

Are you and your fiancé stressed out with wedding planning? I remember when Joe and I were planning our wedding we would take turns freaking out about even the smallest of details. Especially as it got closer to our wedding day there was a lot of stress floating between us. If you are having one of these moments with your significant other, try cutting the tension with a card, just because. It'll help to remind the other person how much they mean to you and how happy you are to be marrying them especially, and even, through wedding stress.

I love this card by Christen Strang from Letter Happy. It's simple, cute, and to the point.


TheTinyHeart said...

Aww, what a cute card! It would be perfect to give to my husband for Valentine's Day or our anniversary. :)


Sandra P. said...

She has similar cards, all equally cute too! :]

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