Thursday, June 23, 2016

DIY Succulent Wedding Favors/Centerpieces - Perfect for a Summer Wedding!

There are a lot of cool options for DIY center pieces and decor. Currently, one of the more popular options is to use succulent plants in lieu or in addition to flowers.

Succulents are a great alternative to flowers because they don’t require as much care, and if you’re doing a DIY wedding, you can put together your succulent wedding decor weeks ahead of time without having to worry about them wilting, which did happen at my wedding (trust me it can be a downer, especially in 110 degree weather!). During the span of days, plants may not need anything, and if you prepare them a couple of weeks ahead of time, they will not need much more than a light watering. Additionally, these beautiful arrangements can also be used as wedding mementos for your guests to take with them after the party is finished, serving as both table decor and awesome succulent wedding favors.

Mini succulent kits can be purchased in bulk, and include everything you would need to create your arrangements yourself. Below is a cute video from that will walk you through quick and easy succulent kit-building.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Foodie Wedding Gift

I loved this find from Happy Gift Company! It's the perfect wedding gift for a foodie!

If you don't have time for gift buying-let's face it sometimes gift-giving ends up low on the priority list-Happy Gift Company has a bunch of really cute gift collectives that make your experience finding a gift easy. You won't have to run from store to store. And as an added bonus, the company includes free gift wrapping. Always a plus.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wedding Video of the Week

This weeks adorable wedding video is brought to you by Alin + Elisa. It was shot by videographer Paul Sinpetrean. And, for those of you who like Converse shoes, watching the video definitely makes it seem a little more okay for your entire wedding party to wear sneakers.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bridal Headpieces from BB World Bridal + Special Reader Discount!

I love these bridal headpieces! BB World Bridal sells modern vintage-inspired bridal accessories. They work directly with factories to provide artfully crafted handmade bridal headpieces at a price-point that wont break your budget, and are still handmade!

"My sister and I are two entrepreneurs who have taken over a 30-year-old wedding brand and are now working to give the company a fresh face. Our company, BB World Bridal, previously sold exclusively to bridal storeowners and, in 2015, we decided that the best way to revive the brand and reconnect with brides was by engaging with them directly via online channels. We hope you love our headpieces as much as we do," Emma from BB World Bridal told us.

P.S. You can get 30 percent off your order from BB World Bridal by using the code NEWLYWED at checkout! Discount will be available until April 1st.

Photo courtesty of BB World Bridal

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Wedding Photo Booth with A Twist

Do you like the idea of having a photobooth at your wedding, but can't fit it into your budge? Or simply don't have anyone who can manage it?

I love this new app, Vello, which lets its users collaborate on videos together. Having everyone in your wedding party with a smartphone download the app and then share their own snippets, which will then be connected into one longer video, can be a great alternative to a photobooth.

"Rather than being confined to a booth, guests can record themselves raising a glass, dancing the night away or sharing some advice with the newlyweds – special, fun and hilarious moments that the couple may miss out on given the hectic nature of the day. The app stitches each guest’s clip together into one personal wedding video," Kristina, a representative for Vello told The Handmade Wedding.

If nothing else, it sounds like this could be a great way to compile moments from your big night!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Delicious Wedding Food Recipes from Metropolitan Bakery

How often do you think of your wedding food?

Are you thinking of having a family member cook?

Joe and I did. His dad cooked the most amazing BBQ that until this day, I really regret not finishing my whole plate. It was that good. If BBQ isn't your style, this wonderful cookbook from the artisan bakera Metropolitan Bakery in Philadelphia has delicious looking recipes including an awesome looking coconut cake and finger foods that look mouthwatering. They even have a few recipes available online.

Photo Credit: Metropolitan Bakery
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