We are so thrilled that you're interested in submitting a wedding/ DIY project to The Handmade Wedding!

Read below for information on submitting a wedding/engagement session, a DIY project, a sponsored post, to our directories, and about photography rights.

Any work published by us will ALWAYS be credited.


We are looking for weddings that have lots of great handmade details and ideas for our readers. We are looking for weddings with a romantic feel, crisp and vivid images of even the smallest details, breathtaking scenery, and of course a couple who's love and personality shine through.

We are currently taking submissions exclusively via email, please message us at:
thehandmadeweddingblog[at]gmail[dot]com with ATTN: REAL WEDDINGS in the header. Within your message include a link to photographs from your wedding or with 15 attached photographs sized at 800 pixels in width. The photographs should vary between portraits of the wedding party, handmade details, venue images, centerpieces, table decor, food, and any other captivating details. Please submit your photographs without a watermark.

Number of Photographs:

We first look through your top 15 images to see if they will be a fit for the blog. Once you've been selected to be featured, we ask that you send us an additional 20-30 images for us to look through in order to select the best variety.

How Should I Send The Photographs?

The easiest ways to submit to us are by email, yousendit.com, or via dropbox to thehandmadeweddingblog[at]gmail[dot]com.

What Happens After I'm Accepted For A Wedding Feature?

If your wedding has been accepted to be featured, we will contact you and request the additional images. We also ask the submitter to write a few paragraphs describing the event, and to provide us with vendor information if it is available to them.

Rights Issues:

If you are a bride & groom submitting, please be sure to check with your photographer to make sure it is okay for us to publish and promote their images. We will of course credit their work and link back to their website.

If you are a photographer submitting, please be sure to look through your contract to make sure one of your clauses states that you have the right to share the wedding with publications for promotional purposes. If you're unsure, we do ask that you get thumbs up from the bride and groom.

Do You Also Take Engagement Session Submissions?

We do! Please follow our wedding submission guidelines and submit to: thehandmadeweddingblog[at]gmail[dot]com with ATTN: Engagement Session in the headline.

Do You Also Take DIY Project Submissions?

Yes! We are searching for the best creative ideas for our readers in the following categories: centerpieces, wedding decor, accessories, invitations/paper goods, food, bridal shower decor, favor ideas, and anything else you think might fit in with our content! To submit a DIY project, please email us at: thehandmadeweddingblog[at]gmail[dot]com with ATTN: DIY Projects in your headline.

In your email please include 4-8 photographs of your project and a brief description of what it is and where it fits into a wedding.

When Will I Find Out If My Submission Has Been Accepted?

Please allow between 8-10 days to hear back from us. If your submission is not accepted it doesn't mean that we didn't love your wedding, simply it might not be in the specific style(s) we are currently looking for, does not contain enough ideas readers can take and hand-make, or that there is not enough room in our current schedule. Please do not let it hinder from submitting to us in the future! We will always be excited to see what you have to share with us!

If your wedding/project is accepted to be featured, we ask that we have 3 months of exclusivity before you can submit the wedding/project elsewhere. If you have submitted your wedding/project to another blog, please do let us know if it has been accepted as we aim to feature content unique to our blog.

How Do I get Listed In One Of Your Directories?

We are always looking for great photographers & vendors to suggest to our readers. Our directories are always free and are a reflection of the style we wish to promote as a wedding blog searching for the best resources for our readers. You can email us with a link to your work, and if we decide its a fit for our directories, we'll let you know once you've been added!

Do You Do Sponsored Posts?

Yes! We can write about your wedding products as long as they fit in with our content and create wonderful handmade wedding details. For more information please email us at: thehandmadeweddingblog[at]gmail[dot]com with ATTN: Sponsored Posts in the headline.

Have any other questions? Don't hesitate to ask, we're all ears! :)

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