Saturday, October 27, 2012

Giveaway: Dream Cake Toppers

Congrats to Sara fro being our giveaway winner! :]

Thank you to everyone that entered! I loved getting to read what each of you would do as a couple's pose if you won! Every idea was super cute.

(Images provided by Pablo from Dream Cake Toppers)
Dream Cake Toppers is sponsoring a $100 USD gift card giveaway on The Handmade Wedding, which I'm totally stoked about! Read on for more details!

From Pablo of Dream Cake Toppers: Dream Cake Toppers started creating handmade cake toppers fifteen years ago and creates personalized figurines based on the provided photos of the bride and groom. The philosophy is to create cake toppers that are as personal as the cake, and which tell each love story in its own special way.

The cake toppers' figures can be selected from catalog models where only the head is personalized or designed from scratch based on the wishes of the wedding couple. Cars, sports or fashion accessories are possible, and the couple can be portrayed in any posture and clothing of choice.

Many things make our cake toppers unique, from the fact that we use different materials for the head and the body, to eyes that are manufactured and not painted. We put great attention to detail and have some of the best miniature clay artists. We give plenty of advise to the couples and in the case of custom designs we run our work by the client to make sure the result is fantastic. Our new website is truly one of a kind in the cake topper world.

Our favorite part of being a wedding vendor is helping create a unique day for the wedding couple. We do this with our product, which is unique every time, but also with our expertise and professionalism. We know stakes are high and make sure everyone in our team works with that in mind.

Ready to Enter? Please visit the Dream Cake Toppers website then leave a comment on this post including what "scene" you would want your wedding toppers to depict if you were to win, and please don't forget to include your email so I can notify you if you win. This giveaway will end in two weeks on November 9th, 2012 at midnight PST. G'luck! :]

(Please note that you must be a blog follower to enter or be following two of our other platforms. To join please see our right panel for our social media links.)

Let's Talk Supplies

Okay, so you've gotten tons of wedding DIY ideas from my list of 101 DIY's and throughout the web and you're ready to start putting things together to create some wedding magic. But do you know great supply sources that will allow you to keep within budget? For me it was a mixture of using coupons and great supply websites, as well as thinking outside the box that helped me keep costs down when I was planning my DIY wedding. To help you in this, I've put together a list of my favorite five supply "stores".

1. Michaels
Did you know that Michaels craft store always has a 40 percent off coupon that you can print from home as well as an app with a coupon central section? The coupon is valid for one item each day, but if you're going to be purchasing only a few items from them, you can spread your visits out and get some great deals on everything from tape to printable invitations to hot glue guns to glass vases to yarn.

2. Clear Bags
Are you planning on having DIY invitations? Make sure to check out the envelopes that Clear Bags offers. They're great, come in a variety of colors like ivory and silver, and they almost always send you a few extra when you order. Clear Bags also has tons of other great packaging items. For the best shipping rates, make a purchase over $45 USD.

3. Paper Mart
Like Clear Bags, Paper Mart also has a great selection of packaging tools as well a good supply of fabrics.

4. Etsy
Did you know that Etsy also sells craft supplies? And there are tons of awesome supply shops that usually have great prices. Shop around, and use their search engine optimally. The only thing to note is that often times you can find great offers that have to be shipped internationally, so if you're ordering from Etsy try to make sure you're ordering from the same country you're living in or have the time to wait for your supplies.

5. Nature
Have you noticed how many things in nature are free? You can make boutonniere using flowers from your backyard or autumn leaves. You can have nautical themed centerpieces using seashells you've found at a beach close by or use stones to hold up the wire that you're using to put your seating place cards on. The best thing about nature is its overabundance of beauty. If you're on a limited budget, don't forget that you can always mold nature findings to match your wedding colors or theme using spray paint or the likes. It's just a matter of being creative!

What supply treasure chests have you found?

(photo credit: Sandra Proudman)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

3 Bridesmaid Gifts You'll Love

Whether you choose to have many bridesmaid's or just a maid of honor, showing them how much you appreciate all their help and their love throughout your life is always a sweet sentiment. You don't absolutely have to get your girls a gift, but if you are planning on doing so the following are three great options from Junghwa, Mama Blue Designs, and Lulu Bug Jewelry.

(photo credits from left to right: personalized clutches, silver necklace bridesmaid set, rhinestone and leather bracelets)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Girl + Boy = Love

I found this a couple of weeks ago, and every time I see it makes me smile.

How cute is this mustache and lips cake banner from Ann Kay Designs?

(photo credit: Ann Kay Designs Etsy Shop)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Introducing a New Section!

One of the things that readers are most interested in are DIY projects that they can use for their wedding. That's why I took a few days off of blogging to work on a brand new section of The Handmade Wedding blog!

You can now find a list of 101 wedding DIY projects available for you to look through in my tabs section! I hope that you all enjoy looking through the fabulous DIY projects I've compiled from throughout the web that include pinwheel printouts from Oh Happy Day and a lace doily candle holder project from Spirello.

I'll be adding more DIY projects to this list every once in a while, and wanted to ask: What kind of DIY's are you most interested in? Let me know, and I'll do my best to find relevant ideas!

Happy planning everyone! And happy Monday!

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