Saturday, May 19, 2012

Butterfly Tamer Veil

I love, love, love this butterfly tamer bridal veil by Sheena Lange of Honey and Lace Designs. It's so cute, and perfect for a spring or summer wedding, especially one outdoors! Each butterfly is cut out by hand, and Sheena personally attached each individual cutout to the veil. I love the pop of the black and white of the butterflies especially. So cute!

(photo credit: Honey and Lace Designs Etsy Shop)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nom Nom Nom!

Maybe you wouldn't automatically think that the items shown below are edible. But I have absolutely fallen in love with these cookies. Yes, that's right, COOKIES! They look so beautiful and are a great idea for a perfect wedding favor. These cookies, by BB Sweets, are individually wrapped, which means you can pair them off with some colorful thread and some labels, and you're set! Shop owner Brooke, has a bunch of nifty designs that range from classic Victorian cameo cookies to more upbeat and colorful cookies like the ones shown below, all of which look not only gorgeous, but scrumptious too!

(photo credit: BB Sweets)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ello There Wedding Invitation Shop

I'm so in love with these Polaroid type wedding invitations! Aren't they so cute?! Best of all, you can copy the idea, and make your own handmade invites. All you need is a ruler, a cutting blade, and some time. Then just insert your photograph behind, and include all your other paper goods inside the packet. You'll also need inkjet labels so you can close your packet, and some nifty mailing envelopes. If you don't have the time, check out the Ello There Wedding Invitation Etsy shop.

(photo credit: Maddy & Seth Lucas)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pillow Stories

The ring pillow is a classic addition to weddings. I love this embroidered pillow from Pillow Stories. Its square embroidered pattern is captivating and lovely, perfect for both an indoor and outdoor wedding. Best of all, although this is mainly a decorative pillow and is sixteen inches square, you can request a smaller size from shop owner Marilena Koliavasili, giving you the choice to use the pillow as a gift, as wedding decor or as a ring pillow.

(photo credit: Marilena Koliavasili)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Etsy Wedding Registry!

There is now an Etsy wedding registry page! If you haven't heard of, it is the biggest international online marketplace for the craft world and artists. People from all over the world sell their handmade items through their own individual shops. One of my favorites aspects of Etsy has always that they have some amazing sellers that centralize on wedding crafts and items from jewelry to dresses to edibles that you can use for your wedding favors. Recently Etsy added their own wedding registry page, so you can now add items that you find on Etsy, and there are some amazing home decor items available, for their friends and families to get as wedding gifts.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

DIY Ideas: Decopatch Monogram Letters

Although I'm not a huge fan of monogram themed weddings, I do believe that minute monogram details make a wedding very much about the couple. I love this decopatch monogram letters DIY tutorial by Yasmin Elizabeth on her blog. To view the entire tutorial click on the image below.

Thank you Yasmin for sharing your tutorial with us!

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