Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nom Nom Nom!

Maybe you wouldn't automatically think that the items shown below are edible. But I have absolutely fallen in love with these cookies. Yes, that's right, COOKIES! They look so beautiful and are a great idea for a perfect wedding favor. These cookies, by BB Sweets, are individually wrapped, which means you can pair them off with some colorful thread and some labels, and you're set! Shop owner Brooke, has a bunch of nifty designs that range from classic Victorian cameo cookies to more upbeat and colorful cookies like the ones shown below, all of which look not only gorgeous, but scrumptious too!

(photo credit: BB Sweets)

1 comment:

CarleeJ said...

These are so cute! But they also look like a lot of work for someone to just eat them! I love your blog.

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