Thursday, August 16, 2012

Soceity6 T's

Joe and I are getting our internet set up tomorrow! And you can bet that I'm pretty darn stoked. I really do hate to admit that I NEED the Internet. Well, okay, maybe not need, but I like having it around... a lot.

Joe has started his new position at UC Davis as their multimedia specialist, and is really liking it so far. It is a hard move, however. It's not necessarily that it's been over one hundred degrees several times already since we moved here that's made the atmosphere is different. The people are different and everyone seems more tense, not as friendly. And I'm direly missing South Lake Tahoe right now. It's not that I hate it, but it is going to take some getting used to.

Have you heard of Society6? It's a site where you can upload your own art for free (there's a $1 USD initiation charge) and sell merchandise such as iPhone cases and t-shirts on your own shopfront. Society6 does most of the work, including making the items, packaging them, and mailing them. But they do take 90 percent of the profit.

The reason that I mention it is that you can design your own wedding shirts using Photoshop or any other design software you have or can download a trail of and upload them onto your own Society6 shop and order them. At only $18 to $22 USD, they're a lot better priced than some other companies charge you for creating wedding themed merchandise. This way you'll also have creative freedom; and you can make a different design depending the person whom you're buying it for. You can also get designs from your bridesmaid's and groomsmen that they've designed themselves, giving them a creative freedom on what they wear as well. Plus you get ten percent of the profit, so you'll be getting back $1.80 or $2.20 for every t-shirt you order. I know it seems kind of silly ordering from your own shop, but it's a pretty cool option.

(artwork credit: Karen Hallion Illustrations)

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