Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ahhh! We're moving!

Joe and I are moving from the beautiful South Lake Tahoe to the equally nice, but maybe not so much serenely landscaped Davis. Although we'll miss South Lake Tahoe, we're really excited for Joe to start his new job at UC Davis. It's strange to think that since we got married we've already moved three times (including this one). Now, there are a lot of people that live with their partner's before they get married, but for those that are going to be living together for the first time, there is a really cute and short blog post from Apartment Therapy with some useful moving tools. Including, one of my favorites offered by USPS.

Speaking of getting married, Joe and I are celebrating our one year anniversary this upcoming Monday! Are there any of you that are going to be doing the same this year? What are your plans?

Joe will be starting work that day, but we're still planning on spending an evening out and getting to know our new city.

In between packing and trying to apply to new jobs, I've been debating what to get Joe for our one year anniversary. The follow is a one-year anniversary gift idea for him inspiration board.

(photo credits from left to right: leather satchel, silver bracelet, Leica t-shirt, green button-up shirt, wool slippers)

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