Tuesday, January 10, 2012

DIY Projects: Circle Garlands

What You Will Need:
Paper stock (white or any other color you wish)
Round paper punch at least one inch in diameter
A pair of scissors
A single needle and some bright colored thread (ours was the same thread you use for needlepoint projects)

Price to Make: You can purchase a round paper punch at your local craft store for under $10. We purchased ours from Michaels using one of their nifty 40 percent off coupons. The paper we used to make this garland came from a plain white notepad (also from Michaels) that has hundreds of pages and was less than $3. You will most likely have a sewing needle and a pair of scissors in your home already or can borrow them from a friend or family member. The thread we used we purchased at 50 cents per roll at a flea market. Making the total for this project no more than $13.50.

Step 1. Create stacks of whatever paper stock you will be using for your garland, making each four to six pages thick.
Step 2. Using your round paper punch, take a stack and punch out a large amount circles. Go through as many stacks as you need to until you feel like you have enough to complete your garland(s).
Step 3. Set your circles aside in a pile, then take your thread and cut it to the length you desire. You can make one really long garland or make several of them. It's completely up to you. Thread your needle and keep the short end extended about four inches throughout the entire project.
Step 4. Take four to five circles at a time, keeping them stacked, and start threading them through the center using your needle. It doesn't have to be perfectly centered. Repeat this step until you have gotten to the end of the thread or you no longer have any circles.
Step 5. Using your fingers spread the circles out about 1/6 of an inch apart from each other until you reach the end of the thread.
Step 6. Create a knot and loop at both ends for easy hanging.
Step 7. Put your garland(s) in a safe place until it's time to set up, and you're done!

The best thing about these garlands, beside that they are easy to create and are not very fragile, is that you can be as creative as you want with them. You can hang them separately or group several together for a curtain effect. You can also use your wedding colors for the paper and thread or group them with christmas lights for a romantic effect. The possibilities are endless!

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