Thursday, January 12, 2012

Beauty & Fitness: Get Rocking Arms

It's no secret that every bride-to-be wants to be in the best shape possible for their wedding day. For me this was no different. I lost about 15 pounds and several inches off my waist before going dress shopping and kept the weight off until my wedding day, over six months later. Best of all, I finally go into a exercise groove that I've kept for over a year. Because fitness is such a big thing on a bride-to-be's mind, we of course will be having fitness segments every once in a while, with an emphasis more on getting stronger than on getting skinnier. Afterall, your physique is very much handmade!

Today, I thought I'd share a great way to get rocking arms and work your way to completing one hundred pushups through, a great regiment for all levels. When I added this regiment to my workout routine I went from not being able to complete even five full body pushups to completing 30 within two weeks. I also noticed that it created leaner muscles than exercising with weights, more quickly. Plus, as you increase your pushup ability, you'll feel much more empowered to take on some of those wedding stressors head on.

How it works is that you complete three sets of pushups at your current level three times a week, resting a minute or so between sets. Every day you do the regimen you increase the number of pushups you do. You can also start on your knees like I did and work your way up to full body pushups, but I'd recommend only doing this after your regular workout so your muscles are warm and you don't get injured. To get started click on the image below. G'luck!

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