Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DIY Project: Felt Swirls

This week I created a felt swirls DIY. These swirls are a perfect addition to whimsical wedding decor and can be used in many forms! I've added them to our twine enveloped cans from last week's DIY for a softer, more interesting look, but you can also add these swirls to a bouquet, other centerpiece forms, hair pins, brooches, wreaths and anything else you can think of!

What You'll Need:
A pair of scissors
Sheets of felt in the color(s) of your choice
Aluminum foil
A single needle and thread in the color of your choice

Cost: The sheets of felt were only 39 cents at Michaels, so the cost for the felt is $3.90 for every ten large flowers you want to create. We already had the thread, needle, and scissors. Most likely you will too. And we also had the foil already, but if you need to purchase foil, you can get a roll for around $5, making the total for this project around $9 for 10 large swirls.

1. Set aside your needle, thread, and foil. Cut your felt into an oval. And cut the oval into a swirl pattern like the one shown in the photo.
2. Take your foil and cut a small rectangular piece. Fold it in half twice horizontally.
3. Take your felt and wrap it around the folded foil until you reach the end or run out of felt. Cut any remaining foil.
4. Take the felt wrapped foil and twirl it into a swirl. Thread your needle and create a few stitched at the end of your swirl to keep it in shape.
5. Create a few more swirls and either sew them together or glue them together with a glue gun.
6. Repeat for as many sets of swirls as you'd like. Add them to a wreath, centerpiece or simply lay them out for a whimsical wedding feel.

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