Friday, February 3, 2012

Inspiration Board #15: Cufflinks

Do you love cufflinks? I do! It's no necessarily that I like Joe wearing them, I don't think he even owns a pair. But I love looking through cufflink designs, and seeing how many neat ideas crafters come up with! The following are some of my favorite cufflinks on the web that would make a great gift for your groom, his best man, or his groomsmen alike.

(photo credits from left to right: propellor cufflinks, vintage typewriter keys, bicycle cufflinks, pause and play cufflinks, "groom" cufflinks)


Simon Cameron said...
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Simon Cameron said...

Yes, I love cufflinks and I love wear it.. When i was going to buy ,really i confused which one i buy, there are so many design cufflink in the world.When you wear a pair of cufflink its increase your personalities.. I saw there are some beautiful cufflink boxes to safe your cufflinks..

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