Saturday, February 4, 2012

Keep Moving Forward #3

What are you doing this weekend? Anyone else watching the Super Bowl with their significant other?

When I married Joe, I knew he was heavily into sports. I on the other hand was far from it, but I've grown to enjoy watching football games with him. We're both stoked that our team (the Patriots) is in the Super Bowl this year! And we hope they win tomorrow. Sorry for any Giants fans out there, but get ready to get Gronk'd!

I think part of being married to someone is also getting to know the things they love and learning that you can love them as well. I don't think I've ever talked about what it is like being married, but today is our inspiration day so I'll allow myself to go into a more intimate moment. Being married to the person you truly love and respect and being loved and respected by them in return is really beautiful, and very little else can compare. So for anyone that is feeling stressed out or overwhelmed, and are ready to just call it quits on the planning, just keep moving forward.

Today's keep moving forward inspiration board contains one of my favorite photographs, which features a little tortoise taking an ambitious bite into a strawberry over twice the size of its .

(photo credits from left to rights: elephants, human hands, baby and puppy, pug in boots, ambitious tortoise)

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