Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DIY Projects: Rustic Style Centerpiece Cans

Our DIY project today, twine enveloped cans, is a simple centerpiece option perfect for a rustic, outdoor, or barn wedding. You can fill them with small orchid plants or wild flowers, for a chic rustic vibe!

What You'll Need:
A pair of scissors
A roll of twine or yarn in any color
As many cans as you desire
A hot glue gun

Cost: This is a relatively low costing project depending the number of cans you already have in stock, and how many you still need to buy. You can also ask friends or family members to save their cans for you for this project. The total cost can be anywhere from $5 for twine to $15 for your entire wedding table decor (without including cost of flowers).


Carolyn Scott said...

Adorable idea! I'm pinning this. :)It's really quick and easy... and makes it so cute!

joy said...

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