Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Three Non-Traditional Engagement Rings

Even if you're a twin, you're unique in the world. No one is like you. So should you have an engagement ring that hundreds if not thousands of people might have? I think not. I absolutely love my engagement ring because I know not many people have this lovely hexagonal ring by New York jewelry designer Satomi Kawakita.

If you're looking for an uncommon and unconventional, but lovely handmade engagement ring, these are three great choices:

1. Cognac Diamond Ring

(photo credits: Satomi Kawakita website)

2. Rose Sapphire Ring

(photo credits: Sunday Owl Etsy)

3. Modern Rose Gold Ring

(photo credits: Coco and Chia Etsy)


Boracay Wedding said...

I really like this engagement rings, very nice and it's unique.

Anonymous said...

Good lighting and color. Well done!

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Engagement Rings New York said...

It's really wonderful ring, and also the information and the facts about it is also good to read.

Eternity Wedding Bands said...

This is gorgeous traditional engagement rings , I really like it .These are fabulous collections

Pure Impressions Design said...

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