Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Internet & Looking Ahead to Winter

Finally! Internet that works well! I'm so excited. The past week has been an incredible pain because it took over an hour (and tons of patience) to put together a single post due to a faulty internet connection! But alas! It's fixed, hopefully permanently.

If this EVER happens to you while you're doing wedding research, check out your local bookstore like Barnes & Noble. You can get a cup of coffee or tea while you look through their collection of wedding magazines. I did this a few times while I was planning my wedding. I simply took photographs with my phone of any ideas that I saw that I liked instead of purchasing a magazine for only a couple useful pages.

It's going to officially be fall in twelve days, but for those if you that will be having a winter wedding, I'm sure you're looking ahead. And so am I. One of the main reasons, of course is to have ideas for all seasons. But another is that I love, love, love winter weddings! I found this winter wedding treasury on Etsy, by home decor shop owner Jillian, with fabulous items. To view all sixteen finds, click the image below.
(photo credit: Etsy screen shot of treasury)

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