Thursday, March 5, 2015

Wedding Photo Booth with A Twist

Do you like the idea of having a photobooth at your wedding, but can't fit it into your budge? Or simply don't have anyone who can manage it?

I love this new app, Vello, which lets its users collaborate on videos together. Having everyone in your wedding party with a smartphone download the app and then share their own snippets, which will then be connected into one longer video, can be a great alternative to a photobooth.

"Rather than being confined to a booth, guests can record themselves raising a glass, dancing the night away or sharing some advice with the newlyweds – special, fun and hilarious moments that the couple may miss out on given the hectic nature of the day. The app stitches each guest’s clip together into one personal wedding video," Kristina, a representative for Vello told The Handmade Wedding.

If nothing else, it sounds like this could be a great way to compile moments from your big night!


mark lawrence said...

Yeah I like the idea of having photo booth at wedding. But I got married just last month dear, so now I am thinking to use this idea on my vow renewal party. It sounds great actually and I am sure everyone will enjoy this.

Amela Jones said...

Valuable information.. When will you be doing another article on this subject?

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