Sunday, July 28, 2013

For the Groom: Allen Edmonds Neumok shoes

My husband has been searching for months for nice brown oxfords. And I really do mean months. I've spent more time in the Nordstrom men's shoe department than some of their sales people and I am not proud of that. But I did get a chance to check out some shoes that would look amazing on a groom or his groomsmen.
One of my favorites is the Allen Edmonds Neumok Wingtip Oxford. And speaking of Nordstrom, they are in the midst of their Anniversary Sale, and the Neumoks are $100 less than normal price. A steal.

If you're not familiar with Allen Edmonds, just know that you're making an investment in a pair shoes that can last a decade if treated right. They are handmade in the USA out of premium leather and sport a hot-cork sole that molds to your feet over time. Give them a few wears (seriously it takes 3-4 wears to break in), and they will fit like a glove. And as the sole or shoe wears out, you can send it back to Allen Edmonds and it'll come back like new for a fraction of the cost you paid for new shoes. Check out this video. You're not just buying a shoe for one day, you're buying one for a years to come.

A rule of thumb is shoes as ornate as the Neumoks are not formal enough to pair with a suit. But that is an old man's rule. These shoes look amazing and would look just as amazing with a suit as they would with a pair of nice jeans. The colored laces add a little pop (though they do come with neutral laces) and could be a great finishing touch to the ensembles of the men in your wedding.

The Neumoks come in various colors as well, including brown, olive, navy and red. You'll surely be able to find a color to satisfy. 

Do you have any other shoe recommendations?


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