Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wedding Photography: 5 Save the Dates Ideas by Carolyn Scott

Today's wedding photography segment features five save the date ideas by the talented Raleigh wedding photographer, Carolyn Scott. Thank you Carolyn for sharing these ideas with us! :]

Fun Photography Ideas for Save the Dates by Carolyn Scott

Using one of your engagement session portraits for your Save the Date postcards? Here are some fun, easy ideas to inspire you!

1. Spell it Out: Writing “Save the Date” on things has become very popular. We’ve seen it written on chalkboards and in Scrabble letters… even in ketchup! You can paint it, use chalk, crayons or just breathe on a window and use your finger to write in the date. It’s super easy, fast, and doesn’t require anything elaborate. You can do it in one picture, or you can spread it into a panel of three on the postcard – one with a “Save” picture, one with a “the” picture, and one with a “Date” picture.

(photo credit: Ruffled)

2. The Wedding Teaser: Consider giving some sort of teaser for your wedding, such as having the theme to your postcards match your wedding theme. For instance, if you’re having a Halloween themed wedding like we did, consider dressing up in costume for a few of your engagement pictures! Send these in for your Save the Dates, and all of your guests will be wondering and talking about your wedding months in advance!

3. The Tiny People: Have a lot of information to include in your postcards but not a lot of space to do it? Consider taking a photograph where you and your fiancĂ© are tiny and on the side of the photograph, leaving ¾ of the picture to negative space like a field or a wall. Then doctor up the negative space with some fancy text!

4. Numbers in Nature: Find a way during your engagement session to incorporate the number of your wedding day. Write out the number using sticks or flowers… or find it in a city parking lot! Stand by it, sit by it, or find a way to highlight it so that it becomes the center of attention on your postcard!

5. Make Your Own Writing Space: Have poor handwriting and would rather type in your information? Instead of making yourselves tiny in the picture, considering holding something up in the picture that you can easily type on (sign, house, suitcase, sunglasses, etc)… anything that has a decently large and blank space. Then get creative with taking your pictures!


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