Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sparkler Long Exposure Effect

(photo credit: Belle and Beau)

Don't you just love wedding sparklers? I think that they add such a romantic feel to weddings and couple photography sessions!

Have you ever wondered how to achieve that awesome long sparkler effect? Well, it's fairly easy and is all about having a long exposure on your camera. If you don't have a camera where you can set the exposure time in seconds, try borrowing one from a friend. Or if you plan on doing a sparkler photograph on your wedding night, make sure to talk with your photographer ahead of time about it or remember to have someone bring a tripod for them to use. You can purchase sparklers online or in stores at a reasonable price (especially after the Fourth of July).

You can have a friend or professional photographer take long exposure sparkler photographs before your wedding and use the photographs you take in your save the dates or invitations!

For a quick tutorial, view the following video.

Quick tip: Have the couple stand in the middle, and have someone else move the sparkler around them. And no worries, the person holding the sparkler won't show up in the image!

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